Apart from an Art 'A' level, I am self-taught.
The pleasure I derive and the passion I feel hopefully come across in these diverse subject matters and vibrant colours.
Growing up in a small village in Cambridgeshire I spent long days walking and cycling out in the fields and lanes.
I graduated with an LLB honours Law degree in London in 1982
Emigrating to Seychelles in 1983 I began a career in Art by default as the post I had been promised did not in fact exist!
I had my first one-man expo of botanical work at Alliance Francais in 1985.followed by another in 1991. I participated in many other expos on the island.
I have also sold in Liberty's, London in 1986, at a Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea, London 2016 as well as in a Paris Gallery in the '90s
I have been fortunate to have many patrons from various Arab State Royal Families as well as extensive sales worldwide, particularly Russia, Czechoslovakia, France, & Germany.
My work has inspired a large glass mural for the newly opened H Resort in Seychelles.
I returned to live in the Fens again in 2014 and draw inspiration from my many walks and travels around GB and abroad.
Aldabra Clean Up Project featured as part of Ocean Rescue printed a painting done for the expedition on their Expedition tee-shirt.
'My love affair with painting sustains and nurtures my spirit daily and  I attempt to hone and develop my techniques every time I engage with my work.